Hitting The Books To Make Gelato

Look no further to discover the true craft of gelato. Bologna, Italy is home to the world’s very first university inspired by the art of making gelato.  And who knew that such art required so much diligence and bookwork? The Carpigiani Gelato University, located outside Bologna, prepares its international student body (attracting students from over 100 countries who largely return home to open their own gelaterie) to continue to rightfully spread Italy’s arguably greatest export- gelato. Made from all-natural ingredients, void of chemicals and expiring after only two days, gelato’s detailed ‘pasteurization’ and ‘aging’ processes (as referred by the professori) lend gelato making much more to science than to art.

Consisting of only a few ingredients, namely water, sugar, milk and fruit, gelato hardly resembles ice cream at all, in that it contains significantly less air and fat and is served at a higher temperature. One professore explains that gelato “is a balance between water and other ingredients like sugars, fats, milk solids and fruit. The aim of Italian gelato is that it is low fat, low sugar and low calorie. It is possible to make strawberry gelato with only strawberries, sugar and water — no more.”

Another professore explains the beauty embedded in gelato versus ice cream- “Gelato has a matte surface, You don’t want it to be shiny, as this would reflect on an amount of water that still needs to be frozen. Overall it looks dry. … A good structure is one that holds the peak like a meringue. Texture-wise, it has got to look smooth, like a silk fabric.”

And just like silk, indeed. Leave it to the Italians to transform anything–even milk and water–into glamour.

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