Report Cards Move To The Streets

Los Angeles food trucks may no longer be immune to the dreaded report card that ubiquitously grades restaurant and food industry establishments. If approved, health inspectors will classify the omnipresent street food vendors of Los Angeles- from taco trucks and Korean barbecue to churro stands- with a letter grade certifying hygienic and safe food handling practices. The proposal will be voted on next week and if put into effect, will affect nearly 10,000 food vendors in the LA area. Those stands that don’t compile with county health rules could be shut down. Gradings would come unannounced and be scaled as ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C.’

Food trucks have long been a part of LA’s food culture, catering to those looking for good, cheap food on the run. In recent years, the food-truck enterprise has changed, as trendy, cultural and upscale trucks featuring innovative eats have pervaded the scene and have inspired a whole new food on-the-go demographic.

There’s no doubt that if implemented, the report card will cause quite the stir. No one wants to get in the way of a loyal patron’s food fix. Let’s hope they grade on a curve.

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