Yoshi’s San Francisco- Jazz and Japanese

Voted by Michael Bauer as one of the top 100 restaurants in the SF Bay Area, Yoshi’s San Francisco elegantly balances modern Japanese cuisine with sustainability – while being attached to one of SF’s hottest jazz clubs. Known for his culinary philosophy: “Seasonal, Simple, Surprise,” Chef Shotaro ‘Sho’ Kamio uses only seasonal ingredients delicately combined with traditional Japanese spices. The over-the-top display of each dish resembles more artwork than food- but it’s all part of Chef’s great production- orchestrated from +a 3,500-square-foot open kitchen where he stations himself center-stage surrounded by a black metal grid and nearly 40 crisp white-coated cooks. The bar is overflowing with foodies and jazz-goers alike and the atmosphere combines a dining-room feel with a lounge-like attitude. 45-foot ceilings, a 400-seat upstairs lounge and a 370-seat downstairs restaurant create an unparalleled level of liveliness – only to be rivaled by the restaurant’s adjacent jazz club. Sip a sake and be seen on the red-velvet couches or indulge in the much acclaimed sashimi and sushi. Energy level is high.

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