SF Chefs 2010

San Francisco, your one-stop dining destination, is fearlessly food-forward. The city prides itself on its expansive array of dining options, from your farm-fresh caffe’ to the ethnic corner-restaurant gem to the most exclusive hot-spot of all. San Franciscans are curious diners – they love to eat, love to know where their food comes from, and they’re willing to try anything.  Restaurants and food-fads sprout up like mushrooms in this city and city tasting and events are plentiful. This year’s much-anticipated event, SF Chefs 2010, located in Union Square featuring walk-around tastings, seminars and dinners, is a culinary celebration characteristic of SF. Renowned chefs including Melissa Perello of Frances, Daniel Patterson of Coi, Nancy Oakes of Boulevard, Anjan Mitra of Dosa, Michael Mina and Gary Danko, among 200 other participating chefs, will grace the event and feed our food-frenzy paparazzi appetites.  Get your tickets on the event’s site: http://www.sfchefsfoodwine.com.

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One Response to SF Chefs 2010

  1. Dana says:

    Sounds like a fun event!

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